Here are some active community resources for discussing Minecraft. Please note that all of these are third-party and aren't hosted by us. We link them because they're great.

Official Resources

iOS Apps

Pocket Edition is great, but what if you want even more Minecraft on your iOS device?

  • Minecraft Explorer Pro – The official reference guide for players on all platforms. Learn about items, search for servers, discuss Minecraft, and more...
  • Minecraft Seeds Pro – Find the best seeds as hand-picked by the community. Supports all versions of the game
  • Minecraft Skin Studio – Design, upload, and rate skins for the PC/Mac version of Minecraft. There's a massive library already waiting
  • Minecraft Reality – Place your creations in real world locations and view them through your iOS device, thanks to 13th Lab's wonder-tech. Truly impressive stuff

Forums and Communities

Galleries dedicated to Minecraft


Indie game development

Want to learn about indie game development?

  • TIGSource – Lots of talent! Minecraft originated here.
  • – Other java game developers.
  • Indie Games – The blog is awesome, and so is the podcast.
  • Ludum Dare – A 48 hour game development competition.

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